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I've heard many people still complaining about soviet's bureaucracy. They, probably, never realised, that american is even worse.

Anyway, I moved from NY to PA at some point and over a year ago I had a closure, when I exchanged my NY driver's license to PA driver's license. Yet, about month and a half ago friend of mine, who lives in Brooklyn where I used to live got a letter from Kings County Clerk's Office with "Juror's Questionnaire" addressed to me. So he forwarded the letter to me. I replied, to that stupid office, with copy of my PA driver's license, saying that I'm no longer a resident, so f*** off (in a little bit more polite way, of course).

About three weeks ago my friend called my again, saying he got the same letter again (BTW, why da heck he's not calling me just to ask how the heck am I doing?). So he sent it to me, yada, yada, yada - and I'm calling the office this time, asking WTF! Nice gentleman on the other end of the line (Mark, or something) said that they don't accept driver's licenses, and asked me to mail them a copy of my utility bill to get off their hook. Ok, that's reasonable, so I mailed it.

4 days ago, my friend called me again. "Guess what? - he asked - you've got mail, dude!". This time stupid Kings County Clerk's Office asked me to appear on October 2nd to serve as f***ing Juror!!! Despite the fact that I'm not US Citizen and I provided all they asked to prove that I'm not Kings County resident for quite a while. And of course they said that that failure to appear will cause criminal and civil penalties, duh!

So, my boss is technically a lawyer, and I had a conversation with him after the second questionnaire, and he said that he'll help me to resolve the issue if they won't let off the hook. Let's see.
Tags: idiots, morons

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